Going further to help TrExMed revolutionise global travel medicare

August 16th, 2018

We like to go the extra mile at Sharp Apps (hard work is its own reward and all that). But some people really like to give their passport a battering in a very literal sense – global travellers heading off to exotic climes year in year out. But before they take off, they often need to check in to their local GP to have specific vaccinations, treatments or check-ups done.

TrexMed Travel Clinic Edinburgh website

It can be a time-consuming, bureaucratic headache to arrange such formalities – and that’s where innovative travel medicare company, TrExMed, come in. Working with the GP community, TrExMed worked out that it would be easier for everyone concerned (clients and health practitioners) to create an online health platform that would function as a one-stop-shop for arranging, recording and managing the relevant pre-travel treatment. A seamless, paperless and effortless solution...

TrexMed Travel Clinic Edinburgh website

So here at Sharp Apps, that’s what we’ve delivered: a seamless, paperless and effortless interface that functions as comprehensive, secure and updatable patient data management system. Or to put it another way, a way to take the headache out of staying healthy before you head off on your travels – for both GPs and patients. Just what the doctor ordered.