Global fishing industry is hooked on our Catch App

September 20th, 2019

Here at Sharp Apps, we love the odd fish supper – it’s a British classic. Ours is a breaded haddock with salt and sauce by the way. But sadly, when you hear of overfishing it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. That’s just one of the challenges that’s faced by the fishing industry as the world tries to better manage its natural resources in an ethical and sustainable way. Technology can play a part in that, as our new Catch App has shown...

The app is a flexible and customisable tool that’s been developed for clients big and small working across the fishing grounds of South-East Asia – from India and Sri Lanka to Malaysia and the Philippines and beyond. It can be used to help track, manage and record catch from the minute it leaves the sea to the processing plant to the end customer.

The Catch App

The highly intuitive easy-to-use app works across low-cost, low tech Android devices. But don’t let that fool you as to the incredible complexity of its end functionality. Whether it’s used by small scale fishermen to large block chain suppliers, it can cope with everything; from recording blue crab swimming numbers around remote islands to advanced analytics for big fishing companies with major seafood retail clients in the US. Better still, it’s even being used by the WWF to record tuna catch around the Philippines.

We’re not fishing for compliments, but all that’s surely got to be worth a bow...