End-to-end paperless health software solutions for travel clinics

February 11th, 2020

Good healthcare is the hallmark of a civilised society. But it also needs to adapt to the changing realities of people’s lives in an ever more globalised world. And one area where that’s particularly relevant is travel health; all the paperwork, treatments and vaccinations required for anyone heading off to foreign climes far beyond a package holiday.

Gecko Travel Clinic is one such service provider, based in Scotland. Its team of GPs and clinicians needed a complete healthcare platform online, with software that would allow them to offer simple end-to-end pre-trip provision for would-be travellers – whether as individuals or larger groups. So, that’s exactly what they got from the Sharp Apps team...

Gecko Travel Clinic Website

Working within the skin of their existing site (with a few cosmetic tweaks), we applied our health software knowledge to deliver a comprehensive paperless platform. From booking a consultation to treatments and vaccination to record-keeping and certification, the platform allows our client to manage the process seamlessly. Going the distance...it’s what we do.