Helping TrExMed make a world of difference to travel healthcare

December 2nd, 2017

If you’re sitting where we are, you’ll be reaching for your super snug onesie right about now - yes, winter has arrived in Edinburgh. Of course, you could always escape to somewhere really exotic across this big wide world of ours. But these days, that means a heck of a lot of consideration from a health perspective: from travel vaccinations, to blood tests to specialist medicines to take with you. Not to mention all the admin and other essential advice and risk assessments that can involve too.


Good to know then, that Scotland has a dedicated travel clinic specialist with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have two medical professionals on your side. TrExMed is based in Edinburgh’s southside, but from their base in the leafy suburbs, they can help prep you for a trip to just about anywhere across the globe. Even better with their brand new website and medical platform, created by the team at Sharp Apps, it won’t be a heck of journey through time-consuming bureaucracy to do so…


TrExMed Travel Clinic Edinburgh Image


Working with the highly qualified and experienced TrExMed founders, Dr Jim Bond and Nicky Armstrong (both travel medicine experts and seasoned travellers), we’ve created a site that covers all the bases – simplifying booking and appointments for prospective travellers, making patient history/data and travel records super secure (an essential requirement) and providing a secure payment system to make client transactions as seamless and safe as possible.


But it’s not just the user we’ve considered; the system is also designed to allow the TrExMed team to update and manage things at their end as easily and quickly as possible - a complete paperless medical platform. That may become a pressing requirement when people who are heading off to weird and wonderful locations across the world realise the value of using TrExMed. Why not take a trip over to the new site and see it for yourself?


Bon Voyage.