A healthy bit of creativity to promote Ellie’s vegan tastes

December 23rd, 2019

Cards on the table (as in ‘dining table’ by the way). When the whole vegan thing kicked off, it took us by surprise as much as the next guy/girl/food lover. But when the world plays host to the scrumptious meat and dairy free treats that you can find in Ellie’s Café in Hoi An, Vietnam, wellllll…it’s easy to become a convert. Or do them a new website for that matter.

Vegan Green Smoothie Bowl

So that’s exactly what we’ve done for Ellie’s Cafe: delivered a brand new website to help Le, the dynamic entrepreneur behind this ever popular place, reach out to customers old and new. It’s a nice clean site as befits the nice clean vegan tastes that Ellie creates in her kitchen – menus, reviews and a downloadable menu for Ellie’s café to keep you up to speed.

Vegan Pumpkin Salad

And just to show we’re all-rounders in the creative kitchen, we also helped Le with the Ellie’s Café logo and signage. A nice little garnish on what was a very tasty job (hey, we enjoyed a few free dishes too; perks of the job and all that). Bon appetite people.

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