The Catch App

Our uniquely scalable app is helping global fishing harvest data from the sea.


The old saying was ‘there’s plenty more fish in the sea’. But as the world wakes up to the realities of environmental change, that’s no longer a given. Providing some means to help the global fishing industry better understand how they catch, manage, track and sell the fish, shellfish and other produce they take from the sea is a must. As well as doing the right thing for the planet, it would increase business confidence with customers.

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We needed a flexible intuitive app that would work on low-cost, low-spec Android devices for clients big and small based across the fishing grounds of South-East Asia; from small artisanal fishermen to large block-chain suppliers of blue swimming crab and tuna to the American market.

The aim? Make tracking, registering and documenting catch reliable and easy for both our fishing industry clients and their end customers across the world.


Working as part of an internationally-based team, we developed a suite of products based around The Catch App. The app could be customised simply to account for different needs: recording and improving fish traceability and provenance in Indonesia; providing key info blue crab processing, pricing and sustainability across India, Sir Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia; helping blue crab fishers, cookers and pickers maintain an inventory of catch, stock and processing using a digitally accurate solution for the first time. The app is even being used by the WWF to monitor and record tuna catch in the Philippines.

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