Travel Healthcare Platform

Our interface is helping patients and travel health practitioners alike make the journey to easier travel clinic booking and records management – and fast.


Heading off to exotic climes is exciting. But it can be pretty challenging too. Before travelling, organising all the necessary health checks, vaccinations and procedures can be a right pain. That’s where TrexMed come in, with their new GP-patient online platform that makes it easier than ever to book, manage and organise travel medicare – a platform we’re proud to have created for them.

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TrexMed needed a complete online healthcare platform for people who were about to travel abroad, with a comprehensive and secure patient data management system at its heart. It had to be updatable, easy-to-use, able to record payment information and, of course, completely in alignment with current legislation regarding data protection.

Having explored what else was commercially available, TrexMed decided the only way to achieve all the clinically important, time-saving features they wanted, was to develop their own, bespoke, clinic management platform with Sharp Apps.


Following extensive consultation with the client – two very experienced medical professionals – we went further than simply an electronic record storage device. The TrexMed site is completely paperless, seamless and effortless. GPs can arrange, record and manage appointments, patient records and the attendant admin all through the site. It even allows GPs to upload drawings and notes from their tablets/i-Pads, meaning there’s no clutter of paperwork and red tape to keep track of.

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