Big Red Teapot Group

Where does beautiful offline and online thinking hang out together? Our work for the BRT bar group.


We may be called Sharp Apps but it doesn’t stop us indulging our love of offline design. With our work for Edinburgh’s Big Red Teapot bar group featuring Treacle, Hamilton’s Bar & Kitchen and The Blackbird, it’s less an indulgence and more a tasty combination of beautiful online and offline thinking.

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Bars and restaurants are ten a penny in Edinburgh – well, it is Scotland’s capital after all.

Our mission was to help the BRT group drive more of the thirsty and hungry fun-seekers to their stylish establishments, while creating the right impression and right experience when they got inside.


From the menus, to the interiors to the dedicated websites for each venue, we’ve helped the BRT group’s stable of bars really cut a dash in Scotland’s capital. It’s an integrated approach, unifying all the touch-points under three distinct brand ‘look and feels’. Now that calls for a cold beer.

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