Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS)

When you’re designing and building a web hub for Architecture and Design Scotland, you do it well.


Scotland is alive with architecture and design – and Architecture & Design Scotland (A&DS) is its champion. When they needed a web hub to provide a living, breathing resource for their Design Forum, we stepped in. It called for the right blend of digital design, functionality and, aptly, ‘build’.

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We wanted to give the architecture and design community across Scotland, the opportunity to engage and inspire in equal measure.

But this would be more than a glorified chatroom, it would also have to provide the foundations for a simple way to share and store knowledge over time.


Providing an overview site and mini-website contained within, the interactive interface allows users to self-manage the resource, and the stored PDF case studies. They can even create their own printable ‘digital scrapbooks’ as required – all built on strong simple design foundations.

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