Still making waves for the Fairfield Project in Govan

January 22nd, 2015

A while back, we told you how we were developing apps (plus other on-site goodies*) for the Fairfield Regeneration Project on the site of Glasgow’s old shipyards in Govan. Well, after much grafting, the apps are ready to set sail…and they’re shaping up nicely.

Fairfield Govan

By syncing the apps running in the exhibit rooms with the big screen TVs, visitors can explore and navigate through the content being played out in front of them. It’s a pretty unique interface and really lets people personalise their very own ‘walk through history’.

Fairfield Govan Content Management

Also innovative is our content management system linked to all the apps across the exhibit rooms, which lets staff at Fairfield easily update and enhance the apps as required. What better way to help a ‘living project’ communicate the ‘living history’ of Glasgow’s industrial story.

Fairfield Govan Interactive Maps

*In addition to the content managed suite of apps, we also deployed an interactive map on a large touchscreen, which allows visitors to overlay historical maps (dating as far back as 1857) on top of the existing Glasgow landscape (see image above).