Still adding value for Ashworth Black

October 12th, 2015

At Sharp Apps, we love what we do. In fact, you could pay us in cake and coffee and we’d still be here slaving away. Except Sundays, when we’re down the local.

But on a serious note, making sure there’s a sound relationship between work and reward is important – especially when it comes to equal pay issues. That’s where our client, pay and reward experts Ashworth Black, come into their own.

So, when they wanted to raise awareness of the ‘Gender Pay Gap’ (and the implications of the Equal Pay Act) we were only too happy to knuckle down. The result? On-going digital developments we’re proud to have been involved with.


Pulling out all the stops…

From creating blog articles and dedicated webpages to doing back-end work with AdWords to help drive traffic, the Sharp Apps team has pulled out the stops to help Ashworth Black ‘own’ this important topic. And rightly so, we think.


Discrimination in any form of life is unacceptable. Yet it persists in the workplace through discrepancies in pay – by gender and between the top and bottom of the pay ladder. But with experts like Ashworth Black on the case, companies across the UK can start addressing the issue once and for all.


..and staying on top of things.

On top of that, we’ve been giving Ashworth Black’s overall website a little MOT – adding content, enhancing imagery and making sure it’s as effective as possible in terms of creating leads, boosting sales and building the brand day-in, day out.

Fingers crossed our efforts will lead to further success for Ashworth Black. Want to see what our team could do for you? Get in touch. For now, it’s back to work…