Recognise that face? Testing your memory

May 2nd, 2016

Let’s face it, the way we see the world plays a big part in how we think. But have you ever considered the reverse; that the way we think has just as much influence on how we ‘see’? That’s certainly shown to be the case when it comes to the science of facial recognition. face-recognition At Sharp Apps, we’ve become something of an expert on the topic – thanks to the work we’ve been doing for a team at Stirling Uni dedicated to researching recognition memory. Right now, we’ve just put the finishing touches to an interface which allows online users everywhere to take part in a live experiment, involving pictures of different faces, with the results feeding in ‘there and then’. We’re pretty excited about it all. For us, this is a great example of how to really maximise the ‘real time’ potential of digital, while bringing science to life. We’re not saying we’re up with the mighty Professor Brian Cox or anything, but this is pioneering stuff that’s a pleasure to be involved with. Click here to take the memory test!