Not ‘yer usual’ website for a pub you canny beat

September 12th, 2016

At Sharp Apps, we pride ourselves on our professionalism at all times. But just this once, we must declare an interest – because when legendary Edinburgh pub The Canny Man’s approached us to develop a website, well frankly, we’d have paid them to do the work, such is our love for the place. And who could resist creating a website for what Rick Stein described as the "best pub in the world".

Why the hero-worship? Well, it might just have something to do with the fact that The Canny Man is nothing short of unique. Established by James Kerr as The Volunteer Arms back in 1871 (The Canny Man’s was a local nickname for it) in the capital’s bustling Morningside area, this much-cherished Edinburgh institution has been cared for by successive generations of Kerrs ever since.

Canny Man's home

The original gantry bar. The gallimaufry of weird and wonderful antiques found on shelves, surfaces and walls throughout. The insistence on serving only the best quality brews (a privilege of bring a proudly 'free’ hostelry). Not to mention the unique character of the place, encapsulated by publican Watson Kerr who sadly passed away in 2011. All has played a part in making this place what it is.

We’re now proud to have played our part in Canny Man history – creating a website fit for this most quirky of drinking establishments. It gives you a flavour of all it has to offer (including a heads up on its latest venture, a boutique hotel called The Lane, just round the corner). But the only way to fully appreciate it is to head down there for a pint; it’s what us Scots would call a right canny move.