Making serious headway for Stirling Brains

December 13th, 2016

The human brain is a remarkable thing (so far, so obvious). But what's even more remarkable is some of the science now being deployed to better understand how it's affected by what it has to go through in the real world. If you're scratching your noggin at that last statement, let us explain...

As part of our long-standing relationship with the neuroscience boffins at Stirling Uni, we've recently created a catch-all site called Stirling Brains (aptly enough). But behind the simple name lies a whole series of complex explorations by a multi-disciplinary team using advance research techniques to explore changes in brain processes and mechanics when the body is put through its paces in different ways; most notably of late, this has involved the rigours of sport.

Stirling Brains home

You may have seen reports on TV, web and in the papers about the potential dangers to brain health when someone heads a ball in football – or even caught the film 'Concussion' about brain damage caused by tackles in American Football. The implications are the same – playing some competitive contact sports can adversely affect the human brain. But it's only now, through the pioneering research by teams like Stirling Brains that we’re uncovering the truth.

Such important work could change the way we think about the human brain forever. So to say that we're proud to be playing our part by designing and building the site that is acting as a hub for all of this vital work is something of an understatement. No big heads here though; just satisfaction at a job well done. It's fascinating stuff, so check out the site for yourself at