‘Bucking’ the trend for a new venture on William Street

October 13th, 2016

Here at Sharp Apps, we're no stranger to a schlep to the local watering hole – it's thirsty work being creative you know! But every so often a simple night out can turn into something more epic...like new hostelry 'The Voyage of Buck'.

For those not familiar with early 20th century philanthropists from the world of literary fiction, some explanation is in order. The 'Buck' in question was William 'Buck' Clarence, a character whose itinerant exploits as the archetypal 'Englishman abroad' were widely read and enjoyed from the 1900s to the 1930s.

His colourful tales have inspired bar group 'Big Red Teapot' to pay homage, by transforming what as the famous Bert's Bar on William Street in Edinburgh's West End into an even cooler hang-out, offering top notch food and drink, namely, the aforementioned 'The Voyage of Buck'. And that’s where we came in.

The Voyage of Buck home

Our job was to bring the venture to life by branding everything you can think of – the logo/signage, the drinks menus, the food menus, the beer mats...even a plaque outside commemorating the character of 'Buck' himself. With all of that done and in place, we're soon going to be moving on to the website too.

It's been some creative voyage. But well worth it. So check out 'The Voyage of Buck' if you’re ever on William Street. For now, as the caddish Buck might have said before setting off on his odyssey all those years ago...toodle pip!